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Count every ton of carbon, quickly.

Rigorous carbon accounting, powered by the latest climate science

Watershed’s carbon data engine analyzes emissions for every line item of your business. We measure Scope 1, 2, and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and have developed state-of-the-art methodologies for remote work, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, food, apparel, and more.

We integrate tens of thousands of emissions factors from government publications (including DEFRA and EPA), LCA dashboards (like Ecoinvent), academic research, and company reports. Tested by the most exacting auditors.


Go deep on suppliers

Most carbon is in the supply chain, and it’s been a black box for too long. Watershed helps you track carbon down to every supplier. Move from industry averages to fine-grained calculations for specific vendors, and work with them to cut emissions.

Illustration of factory with complex array of infrastructure

Know your footprint in weeks, not months

Upload raw data on financials, buildings, travel, and more; we take care of the rest. Drag-and-drop files in the dashboard, or automate data collection with our API. Your footprint auto-refreshes with any new data, so you’re never waiting weeks for a new PDF.

Turn numbers into action

Analyze your emissions with a real-time dashboard that enables line-by-line drill-downs by scope, category, vendor, location, and more, with dollar-for-dollar benchmarks against others in your industry.

Go deep on your data with a real-time dashboard that enables categorization, filtering, and drill-downs by GHGP scope and category, vendor, location, and more.

We went from generic industry averages to a live model—built on our actual data—in just a few weeks. And this modelling opened up a thousand new routes to drive down emissions across our value chain.

Stacy Kauk, Director of Shopify’s Sustainability FundRead more ›


Real results, not empty promises.

Set goals and take action

Analyze your emissions and eliminate them from every corner of your business. Build your detailed plan based on a state-of-the-art projection of future emissions. Set ambitious Net Zero goals in line with the rigorous standards of the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Screenshot of the Watershed Reductions product

Decarbonize your power

Use Watershed to buy clean power for your buildings, data centers, and remote workers. We vet projects to ensure impact, and help you match purchases with your local electricity grids.

Illustration of solar farm

Climate Expertise

Receive hands-on support every step of the way, without the need for consultants

Work directly with our in-house climate leads, who bring expertise from McKinsey, Stanford, Apple, and other prestigious climate programs.

Watershed allowed Block to build a powerful and deeply specific climate action program literally from scratch. They move fast and with precision which has been a perfect alliance. I consider them our long-term, end-to-end sustainability partners.

Neil Jorgensen, Global ESG Lead, BlockRead more ›


Fund carbon removal that matters.

High-quality carbon removal through the Watershed Marketplace

Invest in cutting-edge carbon removal and high-quality carbon offsets, right from the Watershed dashboard. We work directly with a roster of innovative partners, so your funds make the largest impact.

  • Get access to frontier carbon removal technologies, helping build the market for cutting-edge solutions while permanently removing carbon from the atmosphere.
  • All projects are fully vetted by the Watershed team to ensure they’re driving real impact.

Are you a carbon removal company interested in working with Watershed? Let us know ›

Fund a portfolio

Build a custom portfolio of bets, mixing long-term investments in cutting-edge projects with quick emissions reductions. Design your portfolio and track your impact in the dashboard; we’ll handle the paperwork.

Illustration of a carbon removal portfolio on top of growing plants

Understanding frontier carbon removal

Permanent carbon dioxide removal (CDR) has quickly become a core component of running a high-impact climate program. If you’re new to CDR, here are some resources to get you started.

  1. Carbon removal and offsets: a buyer’s guide

    Our introductory guide on the topic

  2. Shopify’s $5M Sustainability Fund

    A top-tier CDR commitment from one of our customers

  3. Stripe Climate

    Embedding CDR funding into business models at scale

  4. Carbon Dioxide Removal Primer

    A comprehensive guide to all things carbon removal


Carbon reporting as rigorous as your financials.

Investor-grade reporting

Export audit-ready, investor-grade reports, formatted to meet the gold standard for carbon accounting, whenever you need them.

Watershed reports are consistent with TCFD, CDP, SASB, and GRI global standards, as well as country-specific ones such as SECR in the UK. Our climate expert team can prepare and submit your CDP report, and work hand-in-hand with third party auditors.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Keep your whole organization in the loop

Dynamic, real-time presentations keep employees, leaders, and stakeholders engaged on your climate program. Give teams the tools and data they need, with customizable, granular access permissions.

Present your latest footprint data anytime

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